Bar services

We offer a range wide range of Bar units and display options for you to choose from our stunning duck eggs panelled bar to our letter bar “your name in lights” Choose your initial “L & O” or a 4 letter word “LOVE” or our antique white panelled bar with Led strip lights if you wish.

We ask for £250 to book your bar on your specified date, we will arrange everything to suit your needs from drink options, drink packages, serving times to the colour of our staff members tie!

If your bar takings exceed £1000 at your event we will refund you £125 of the £250 booking fee with no questions asked. You will receive this by cheque within 7-10 days of you event.

All of our bars come with our basic equipment package,

  • 2 double bottle fridges
  • Electronic till
  • Card payment terminal (If in range of signal at specified venue)
  • Glassware (Tumblers, flutes, pint glasses, wine gasses (175ml)
  • Product on Tap (additional costs may apply)
  • Drink napkins  (These can be personalised and a specific colour at an extra cost)
  • Stirrers
  • Straws
  • Crisps / nuts (If no known allergies)

Our stock,

  • Premium spirits
  • bottled beverages including a good range of non alcoholic options.
  • Red, white & Rose wine.
  • Prosecco
  • Champagne
  • Children’s drinks
  • Iced water served from a glass dispenser o the bar at all times

On request we will also stock speciality products, such as a shot you prefer like Tuaca or a poly pin of Harvey etc.

At every event you can purchase our drinks offer card or chips. We offer 10 drinks for £30 this includes:

  • Any house glass of wine at 175ml
  • Any bottled beer at £3
  • Non speciality spirit & mixer (Not including red bull)

You can either have a small card we stamp each time you visit us at the bar for another or you can have 10 of our personalised poker ships, each worth one beverage from above.

Drinks menu